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CPP Como

Areas of Application


Are you ready to change your body and your physical capabilities? Are you ready to challenge your limits and become stronger, more powerful, faster and more responsive? Are you ready to train safely and prevent injuries? Then you are ready for specialist physical training! We will conduct a thorough evaluation to discover your strengths and weaknesses. We will create a customised programme for you, based on your objectives and level. You will train either alone or in small groups, with the support of tools that allow you to see your progress in real time. We will motivate you to give your best in every repetition and every session, keeping track of your personal records and performance. So you will be able to see the fruits of your labour with your own eyes!

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Do you want to live well and long? Do you want to feel fit and self-confident? Do you want to fight the effects of ageing on your body? Then you need to exercise! Training to control your motor system and develop your strength (depending on your age, abilities and morphotype) is essential for maintaining a good body composition and for slowing down time. Furthermore, learning how to prevent falls helps you move more safely, avoid accidents and detect any instability in good time. At CPP, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment to find out your strengths and areas for improvement. We will offer you a customised programme designed especially for you.

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