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The CPP Centre has been equipped with two Desmotec toolMaxs, namely the D11 and the V12: both tools are equipped with software that allows each parameter to be visualised and controlled in real time.

The D11 machine allows to train athletes through a desmodromic movement with a total control, both in the eccentric phase and in the concentric phase. Through this equipment, the user can work with heavy loads in extreme safety in a closed kinetic chain.

The V12 machine is mostly designed for the training of the upper body through open kinetic chain. Thanks to its flexibility and the possibility to change the anchor point, this machine is very versatile.


Enzo Di Costanza discovered the right technology in Desmotec to set up training and reathletisation with isoinertial principles. This is why the CPP Centre has been providing this new concept of work for many years, and at the basis of this investment choice is the idea of offering the market an innovative element with a solid scientific basis, capable of controlling the parameters of the work performed in all training, recovery and prevention contexts.


Desmotec equipment is state-of-the-art isoinertial machines suitable for toning and muscle strengthening. The concentric and eccentric alternating contraction managed by these isoinertial machines do not only improve strength or power, but also develop elasticity and neuromotor control of the action. Regular use, significantly reduces the onset of muscle injuries.

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